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BandBWA is a Western Tourist Radio initiative that aims to bring together a place to showcase the best BnB’s in Western Australia. It’s about giving a voice to the small businesses that run this great state through a website that doesn’t charge a commission for showcasing our great state. We are about a “Grass roots, bottom up approach” whereby we are building a network of small businesses to help each other grow in a sustainable way.

On BanBWA you will find listings of some of the greatest places to stay in WA, and if you like a listing, simply click on it and go straight to their website to book direct, without us taking a cent for the booking.

Want to list on BandBWA

To do the great work that we do, we need funds to fuel our overheads and keep the wheel turning so that we can provide a great service to the people of Western Australia, and the people that come visit our great state. 
If you want to advertise with us, on any of our website categories it’s only $150 per annum.

Want it cheaper?

Western Tourist Radio is all about creating a network of small businesses that will exchange mutual benefits and with this in mind, we offer $99.00 per annum for a listing if you give a reciprocal link. This is about helping the small guys and the big corporations will only take over our markets if we let them, this is your chance to stand up for the little guys, and stand up for Western Australia. 

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